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Meet the Cast of Epic — Colouring Pages

Your kids will have Epic fun with these whimsical colouring pages starring the rag-tag team of characters in this action-packed movie. Don't forget the popcorn!

Bufo (2.5 MB)

Group Pose (2.2 MB)

Leafmen (2.7 MB)

Mandrake (2.2 MB)

Mary Katherine (2.2 MB)

Mup & Grub (2.2 MB)

Nim Galuu (2.6 MB)

Nod (2.2 MB)

Ronin (2.2 MB)

Epic Join the Dots

They'll swing head on into an Epic adventure when they complete this exciting puzzle.

Join the Dots (15.1 MB)

Find the Lost Pod

Help the Epic heroes find the quickest way to the stolen pod in this challenging maze.

Find the Lost Pod (13.4 MB)

Epic Spot the Difference

See who finds the five differences first in these almost-identical pictures of Marigold, the youngest Jinn.

Epic Bird Race

Follow the folds to make these mystic paper birds and then see whose floats to the ground first!

Bird Race (16.8 MB)

Create Your Own Jinn

Make your own Epic flower character by cutting the pieces out, piecing together, and then gluing to the background.

Epic Picture Frame

Their smiles will be Epic when they surround themselves with the heroes that adorn this do-it-yourself frame.

Epic Picture Frame (15.5 MB)

Can You Match That?

Give your kids' brain skills an Epic-sized boost with this colourful, leaf-themed memory game.

Train like a Leafman

Get the kids up and moving with these Epic exercises that will whip everyone into heroic shape.

Epic Find the Right Pod

They’ll feel like an Epic hero themselves when they find the right pod based on the clues provided.

Epic Find the Leafmen

Help the Epic crew save their world by finding all the Leafmen hidden in the scene.