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Origami fun

Create amazing shapes with these clever origami projects you can print out at home!

Origami Paper Flowers

Give your home décor a pleasing pop of colour with these fabulous flowers. Try experimenting with a variety of paper colours and designs to create one-of-a-kind bouquets that also work great as hostess gifts, party favours, or sweet tokens of affection.

Origami Monster Trucks

Kids of all ages will be revved up to make these awesome origami monster trucks! Not only will they have a turbo-charged time folding along the pre-printed lines, but then they'll have a high-speed blast tearing up the "tracks" with their super-cool creations.

Origami Take-out Boxes & Fortune Cookies

These pretty origami take-out boxes make great gift boxes. All you do is print out the designs, cut along the lines, and then fold and glue where indicated. You can even make matching fortune cookies and present the set as party favours, hostess gifts, or thank-yous.

Origami 3D Figures

Get your tweens and teens interested in origami with these rocking dinosaur, robot, and dragonfly projects. While these designs are certainly challenging, the finished results are well worth the effort, and something your older kids will be proud of.

Ankylosaurus (1.2 MB)

Giant Robot (470.5 KB)

Dragonfly (1.3 MB)