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Meet the Turbo Team Colouring Pages

Print out these delightful colouring pages and introduce your kids to all of Turbo’s heroic characters — they’ll not only have fun bringing the whole snail gang to life, but they’ll be even more revved up to see the movie.

Angelo (2.3 MB)

Burn (2.3 MB)

Chet (2.3 MB)

Guy (2.3 MB)

Skidmark (2.3 MB)

Tito (2.3 MB)

Whiplash (2.3 MB)

White Shadow (2.3 MB)

Smoove Move (2.3 MB)

All Colouring Pages (12.1 MB)

Turbo Bookmarks

Entice your kids to finish their summer reading lists with these super-charged Turbo bookmarks.

Bookmarks (5.2 MB)

Connect the Dots

These Turbo connect-the-dots colouring pages are a lightning-fast way to introduce your kids to counting.

Connect the Dots (19.1 MB)

Turbo Alphabet Cards

Your kids will have a Turbo blast with these colourful ABC cards — ideal for lengthy car trips.

Alphabet Cards (6.3 MB)

Printable Height Chart

Keep track of their superhero-like growth spurts with this fun Turbo height chart.

Height Chart (15 MB)

Printable Maze Game

See if your puzzler can work his way through this Turbo-charged maze faster than a snail’s pace.

Mazes (4.9 MB)

Turbo Colouring Pages

Your little arts-and-crafters will love these colour-by-number pages starring their favorite Turbo characters. Guaranteed to keep them busy as bees, print out as many as you like for siblings and friends.

Burn (251 KB)

Smoove Move (250 KB)

Tito (252 KB)

Turbo (250 KB)

White Shadow (261 KB)

All Colour by Number Pages (431 KB)

Turbo Word Scramble

After you’ve gone to see the movie, print out these speedy word scrambles to see how many details the kids can remember about each of Turbo’s energetic stars.

Chet (1.9 MB)

Guy (1.9 MB)

Tito (2.1 MB)

Turbo (1.9 MB)

Turbo Party Kit

Shift their party into high gear with this super-charged Turbo party set that includes invitations and thank yous!

Party Kit (6.2 MB)

Spot the Difference

See how quick their engines are firing with these Turbo spot-the-difference pages.

Turbo 3D Puzzle

This Turbo-themed 3D puzzle will challenge your kids to reach the finish line.

3D Puzzle (8.2 MB)

Official Turbo License

Help them put the pedal to the metal with this personalised Turbo driver’s license.

License (3.4 MB)

Turbo Dots Game

This dots game (always a favourite) will have them planning the best route in Turbo-time.

Dots Game (529.2 KB)

Turbo Board Game

They’ll tap into their need for speed when playing this fast-paced Turbo board game.