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Making a Photo CD
Photo CDs: An Overview
Selecting Photos for Your CD
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Common Question About Making a Photo CD
Create a Photo CD containing up to 500 high-resolution digital photos from your own albums and from shared albums (if you have permission). You can assemble multiple CDs one at a time, and order them all at once. Or, just order a single CD for yourself.

Each Photo CD comes with Windows-compatible viewing and photo-editing software. Macintosh users can view the .jpeg photo files using a Web browser or their own photo-viewing software.

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Selecting Photos for Your CD
Tip: During the CD ordering process, you can choose albums, but not individual photos. To handpick the pictures for your Photo CD, organize your photos before starting to make the CD. Just copy or move the photos you want into new or existing albums. More info

While viewing your photo library, an album, or an individual photo, click on 'create' in the photo toolbar on the right side of the page. Then click 'photo cd.'
  • On the 'make a photo CD' page you'll see your own albums and the shared albums you have permission to include. Click on the checkbox next to each album you want to add.
  • You can continue to add albums as long as the total number of photos in all the albums you've added so far is less than 500. Your running total appears in the upper and lower right corners (if your browser supports dhtml).
  • When you've selected all of the albums you'd like to include, click on the yellow 'add CD to cart' button to add this CD to your cart and continue. You will not be charged until you click on the 'buy now' button at the end of the checkout process.
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Your Cart
Your cart holds your orders for prints, photo gifts and CDs. Any prints, photo gifts or CDs you add to your cart are saved there until you check out or remove these items from your cart.

To title your CD, type a name for your CD in the field labeled CD name. Your title can be up to 40 characters long. If you don't change this field, your CD will be named "Snapfish Photo CD."

Under the CD name field, you'll see the number of photos and albums on this CD. To add or remove albums, click on 'edit CD'.

To order an additional copy of this CD, click on the 'add a copy' link.

To make another CD with a different set of albums, click on the 'make more CDs' link.

Tip: You can order as many copies of your CDs as you'd like. Be sure to order all the copies you need at once. We're unable to save the set-up of a CD after you place your order.

Any free photo credits that apply to your Photo CD will be subtracted in green above your CD subtotal. The order total at the bottom of the page includes shipping and handling. If you have a coupon, you'll be able to enter the code on the next page. Applicable sales tax will be added when you review and place your order.

When all the Photo CDs you'd like to order are displayed in your cart, click on the 'check out' button to continue.

Clicking on the 'empty cart' link near the bottom of the page will remove all prints, photo gifts and CDs from your cart. You can then make new Print, Photo Gift or Photo CD selections.
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Checking Out
When all of the CDs, prints, and photo gifts you'd like to purchase at this time are in your cart, click on the yellow 'check out' button at the bottom of the page.
  • On the 'billing & shipping information' page, enter your credit card information, your billing address, and the address to which you'd like your order shipped. If we already have your address and billing info (from a previous order, for example), it will be displayed on this page.
  • If your shipping address is filled in, and you'd like to change it, click on 'edit my address'. Enter your new address in the pop-up to update your account.

    To send your order elsewhere (e.g., to your office, to a friend) without changing the main shipping address for your account, select 'ship to a different address,' then enter your alternate mailing address.

    Tip: We'll ship your order to you, or to any address in the world. All items in one order must be shipped to a single address.

  • If you have a coupon that applies to your order, type the coupon code in the box labeled 'coupon #'.
  • When all of the information on this page is complete and accurate, click on the 'continue' button to review your order before placing it.
  • On the 'review & place order' page you have a chance to check your order one last time before placing it. Check your billing and shipping information. If you need to change anything, click on 'edit billing & shipping info'.
  • If you need to add additional CDs, or remove any from your order, click on 'edit photo CD order'.
  • When the information on this page is complete and accurate, click on the 'buy now' button to place your order. We'll authorize your credit card and begin creating your photo CD.
  • You'll see your receipt for this order. Please print or save this page for your records.
  • Click on the yellow 'back to photos' button to return to viewing your photos.
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Prices and Shipping
Each Photo CD is £9.49, which includes the first 50 photos. Additional photos on the same CD are £10.00 per 150 photos, and there is a maximum of 500 photos per CD. For example, a Photo CD with 200 photos would be £19.49 (£9.49 + £10.00).

Standard shipping and handling is £1.99 per order. International shipping and Canada Shipping are also available. Appropriate state and local sales tax will also apply.

Please allow 2-3 business days for your Photo CD order to be processed.
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Common Questions About Making a Photo CD
Can I pick individual photos from different albums to put on the CD?
Yes. Before starting to make a Photo CD, you'll need to copy or move the photos you want into new or existing albums. Then, click on to ' make a photo CD' in the photo toolbar and add the new albums as described above. More info

Can I add shared albums to a CD?
Yes, if the friend who owns the album has given you permission. All of the albums you have permission to add will be available to choose in 'make a photo CD'.

Why was I unable to select one of my albums?
If you are attempting to select one of your friend's albums, but do not see this album on the 'make a CD' page, this means your friend did not give you permission to add the album to a CD.

Or, if you see the following message:

 exceeds 500-photo limit

This means you've tried to add an album containing enough photos to put you over the 500-photo limit. You can either select an album with fewer photos, or add this CD to your cart and create another CD with the additional photos. The number of photos you have already included is displayed in the upper and lower right corner while you're choosing albums.

What is the resolution of the pictures on a Photo CD?
If the original photos came from film that we developed, the resolution is 1612 x 1024 pixels-sufficient to produce a high quality 8x10 inch print. The resolution of photos taken with a digital camera and uploaded to the Snapfish website depends on the resolution settings of the camera when the photo was taken. However depending on how long the photos have been online in your account, they may be smaller. Please see our storage policy for more information.

Can I save a partial Photo CD order and return to complete it later?
Yes. Photo CDs you've assembled are saved in your cart until you place the order or remove them.

Can I create more than one Photo CD in a single order?
Yes. Once one photo CD is in your cart, just click on the 'make more CDs' link to start another one. Please note that multiple photos CDs in one order, must be shipped to a single address.

Can I order prints and Photo CDs together?
Yes. You can add both prints and Photo CDs to your cart, view the combined order, then check out. More info on ordering prints

I use a Macintosh. Will a Snapfish Photo CD work on my computer?
Yes. You'll have access to all the photo files on the CD. However, you need to use your own software to view them. The software on the CD is Windows compatible only. The photo files are stored as JPEGs, so you can view them with your Web browser, or with any image-editing software on your Macintosh.

What software is included?
Windows-compatible CompuPic photo viewing and editing software is included on the CD, allowing you to:

  • View the photos as a slide-show
  • Adjust color
  • Crop
  • Remove red-eye
  • Add text
How will my pictures be organized?
The Photo CD is organized into folders—one for each album you've included, with the same name as the album. Your individual photos are in these folders. The photo files on the CD are named using the first 8 characters of the photo's caption.

For example, if you include an album named "Vacation" containing a photo captioned "Dinner on the Lake," your CD will contain a folder called "Vacation" and within the folder, you'll find the photo "Dinneron.jpg."
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Still have questions?
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