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Bring Home an Adventure Party Printables

Treat your kids to a prehistoric movie extravaganza with these dinosaur-themed party banners, snack holders, cupcake wrappers, and other party goodies that make watching this DVD a Pachyrhinosaurus-sized learning adventure. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Color by Number

Watch Patchi the Pachyrhinosaurus come to dinosaur life as your kids color in the numbered areas with corresponding colours from the key.

Color by Number (10.8 MB)

Door Hanger

These fun door signs are perfect for letting friendly dinosaurs in and keeping unwanted predators out!

Door Hanger (12.3 MB)

Find Patchi

Patchi the Pachyrhinosaurus didn’t walk the Earth alone, but roamed with other dinosaurs. Can you spot him in the herd?

Find Patchi (19.4 MB)

Follow the Path

Oh no! Patchi and his friend Juniper got separated from the herd! Help them find their way through the maze and back home.

Follow the Path (20.5 MB)

Follow the Tracks

Help Patchi find Juniper by following the right set of dinosaur tracks that lead straight to her.

Follow the Tracks (12.8 MB)

Match that Dinosaur

Cut out the cards for a challenging memory matching game starring a big bunch of burly dinosaurs.

Meet the Dinosaurs — Coloring Pages

Your little ones will have a dino-mite time coloring in this ginormous cast of characters who thunder across the screen of Walking with Dinosaurs.

Alex (12.9 MB)

Alex in Flight (12.9 MB)

Alphadon (12.9 MB)

Azhdarchid (12.9 MB)

Dark Prince Roaring (13.0 MB)

Dark Prince (13.0 MB)

Edmontosaur (13.0 MB)

Hesperonychus (13.0 MB)

Juniper (13.0 MB)

Parkosuar (12.9 MB)

Patchi (13.0 MB)

Patchi's Mom (13.0 MB)

Scowler (13.0 MB)

Troodon (13.0 MB)

Meet the Dinos

They’ll gain a bit of prehistoric knowledge by using the clues to match the dinosaurs with their names.

Meet the Dinos (14.5 MB)

Patchi’s Journey

Dinosaur fans will love retracing Patchi’s exciting journey from hatchling to adult in this fun game that everyone can enjoy.

Patchi’s Journey (12.7 MB)

Spot the Pair

Can you find which two pictures of dino-friends Patch and Juniper are exactly the same?

Spot the Pair (20.8 MB)

Who’s that Dinosaur?

Meet the prehistoric cast of dinosaur characters in this colorful and information-packed poster.