PHOTO TIPS: Take Better Photos on Your Phone

Want to take better photos with your mobile? Following a few simple rules can make a big difference.

PHOTO TIPS: take better photos on your phone

Maximize clarity

Keep your phone’s resolution setting on high for maximum clarity and always remember to upload back into your free & secure Snapfish account.

Select the highest resolution possible and keep it steady

Reduce blurriness by leaning your phone or hand against a wall, tree, or ledge.

Better get close

For the highest quality photos, fill your viewfinder with your subject.If you discover unwanted background objects in your photo you can edit your photo online. Crop, remove red-eye, add borders and tints, and much more.

Check your lens. Is it clean?

Clean your lens with a lens cloth, easily purchased at a photo shop or opticians.

Check out the Snapfish App

Too many photos on your phone? Download the Snapfish UK app, make sure it has access to your photo stream and never have photo storage problems again. You can also now create prints and panels from your favourite mobile moments.

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