10 Personalised Pet Gifts for the Animal Lovers in Your Life

Calling all pet parents and animal lovers! 10 gift ideas just fur you. Fantastic Personalised Pet Gifts that star your two and four-legged friends.

10 Personalised Pet Gift Ideas for the Animal Lovers in Your Life

Many thanks to our Instagram community for sharing these doggone cute photos and gift ideas.

1. Ready for their close-up.

Too many cute photos to choose from? Turn your favourites into a fetching Photo Book! Via @wonderofwinter

For hints on how to create a pawsitively perfect photo book, click here

2. Bone-afied best friends. 

Share Ocean and Bears enthusiasm for early mornings with your own Personalised Mug. Via @sableocean_

3. Showcase your show dogs.

Maitri paired our Wanderlust calendar design with Ari’s travel photos to create a paw-some Photo Calendar! Via  @honeyidressedthepug

4. Looking good, feline good. 

Leonidas & Orion added their new logo to our “design your own” template, to make the perfect on-brand Gifts. Via @leo.mainecoon

5. A puppy pick-me-up.

Kobu tells his coffee-loving humans that they perk up his life with a Custom Mug. Via @kobutheaussiepup

6. Chef knows best.

Marcel has gone to great lengths to ensure he’s always fed with his new Chopping Board! Via @lecorgi

7. Strike a pose.

Britain’s Next Top Dog Model could definitely be in your pup’s future. Shop Custom Cushions. Via @sukiandthecity

8. They hold the key to your heart.

Take your pets with you wherever you go with a Personalised Keyring! Via @thatspanielbella

9. Seeing doggy double.

If Indy can’t sleep in your bed, this doppelgänger Cushion is the next best thing. Via @indythegoldendoodle

10. Ready, steady, snuggle!

10 Personalised Pet Gift Ideas for the Animal Lovers in Your Life

As if you needed another excuse to cosy on the sofa with your favourite furry friend. Snuggle up with our Plush Fleece Photo Blanket. Via @moderndaygf

Ps. Did we mention our blankets have magic powers 😜✨


And if you can’t decide on just one, then why not order all of our personalised pet gifts like Kubo!

Via @kobutheaussiepup

Shop all personalised pet gifts!

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