Celebrate The Queen and Her Platinum Jubilee With These Party & Gift Ideas

Custom Platinum Jubilee Gifts + Souvenirs Made With Photos

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, making her the first ever British monarch in history to celebrate 70 years on the throne! The official day earmarked for the Big Jubilee Lunch is Sunday 5th June, when an estimated 10 million Brits are planning to organise and attend street parties in Her Majesty’s honour. After two years of being separated from family and friends, we’re all more than ready for another opportunity to connect and commemorate a joyous occasion together.

How do you plan to enjoy the long weekend with friends and family? Check out our ideas below on gifts and how to decorate a Jubilee party for what is sure to be a wonderful celebration with your loved ones and fellow Brits!

Jubilee Party Invitations

Customise our special edition Jubilee party invites to get your guests excited for the big celebration.

Customised 7x5" Flat Card set: Royal Invite - Royal Jubilee Invite
7×5″ Flat Card set: Royal InviteRoyal Jubilee Invite

Jubilee Greeting Cards

Take this opportunity to share the joyous mood and send some love to family and friends with Jubilee-themed greeting cards. Or, for anyone celebrating their birthday during all this pomp and ceremony, send them one of our 3 Jubilee-themed folded birthday cards!

Birthday Queen Jubilee card
8×6″ Folded Card – Birthday Queen
First class Jubilee card
8×6″ Folded Card – First Class
Yasss Queen Jubilee card
8×6″ Folded Card – Yasss Queen

Jubilee Posters

Set the mood and decorate the venue or your house with fun Jubilee posters (there are 4 designs to choose from).

Silk Jubilee poster
Silk Jubilee
Yasss Queen poster
Stamped Jubilee Queen
Yass Queen Stamped jubilee poster
Stamped Queen
The queen's Platinum Jubilee poster
The Jubilee Queen

Jubilee Custom Souvenir Mugs

Create pin badges and mugs for the ultimate custom jubilee party favour. Either gift them beforehand without photos, or take photos on the day of the celebration to share meaningful post-party gifts!

3 mugs personalised with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee designs
Silk JubileeStamped QueenStamped Jubilee Queen
3 mugs personalised with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee designs
The CrownRoyal TeaThe Jubilee Crown

Jubilee Pin Badges

3 pin badges personalised with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee designs
Silk JubileeStamped QueenStamped Jubilee Queen
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