Cheers To The New Year With New Personalised Mug Designs!

We’re welcoming in the New Year with LOTS of new fun personalised mug designs. Whether you’re looking for something simple, colourful, or pet-themed we have a design for you. Sneak some of our favourites below…

Design 1. Starter Fluid

Need that pick me up before you can start your day? Our Starter Fluid design could be just for you! We think the added pop of yellow will help to brighten your morning mood!

Find the design: Coffee + Tea > Starter Fluid


Design 2. Confetti Monogram

This monogram design is a fun personalised twist on your everyday white mug, no photo needed!

FIND THE DESIGN: Family + friends > Confetti Monogram



Design 3. I Love My Dog

Try out our Magic Mugs. Fill with hot water to reveal your purrfectly pawesome pet design.

Find the design: Pets > I love my dog


Design 4. Grandma’s Kitchen

Shout out to Grandma’s kitchen, and all the delicious wonders she (+ her little helpers) cook up!

Find the design: Family + Friends > Grandma’s Kitchen


Design 5. Folk Floral

Wake up to flowers every day with our personalised floral mug design! Available in 5 different colours.

Find the design: Family + Friends > Folk Floral


Cheers to the New Year with New Personalised Mug Designs

TOP TIP: To see the different colour options available click ‘Design Variations‘ in the left hand side toolbar.

Design 6. Emoji Kids

Keep on top of the trends with this cool emoji mug. It’s certain to be a hit with the kids!

Find the design: Family + Friends > Emoji Kids

Design 7. Baby Stork

Feature your pride and joy on our beautifully illustrated personalised baby mug design.

Find the design: Baby > Baby Stork

Create your own Personalised Mugs and share it with us @SnapfishUK on Instagram using #SnafishUK. We love seeing what you’ve created.

Cheers to the New Year with New Personalised Mug Designs

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