Dad Will Be So Glad You Customised His Present Using Our App

5 Father’s Day gifts that are easy-to-create in the Snapfish Photo App

Create Father's Day gifts using the Snapfish app on an ipad, tablet or phone

Father’s Day is fast approaching, Mum! Perhaps you have left it a bit late to find that perfect gift? Don’t worry! Nothing is guaranteed to win over their heart more than a thoughtful, unique Father’s Day gift. It doesn’t have to cost the earth or take ages to create when you make it on the Snapfish App!

To help you, we’ve created a list of 5 products that say, “Love you, Dad” which can be easily created on the go, in minutes, using our app.
Don’t have the app? It’s free to download from the App Store (and you’ll get 50 free photo prints every month just for downloading it)!

Purple Photo Mug

Make a purple photo mug and fill with gummy sweets as a gift for Dad. Make on the app in minutes
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This Purple Mug is printed with a photo of his beloved family, Dad will enjoy his favourite hot drink even more. (Make it even more special by filling it with treats he adores!)

Playing Cards

Design playing cards with family photo as a Father's Day gift on the Snapfish app
Create on the App | Create on the Web

Make playing ‘Snap’ a family affair when you personalise his very own deck of cards with your best family photo.

Personalised Tin

Create a personalised photo tin with a photo of Dad on the lid using the Snapfish App
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Upload one photo, or create a collage of your favourite family pictures, printed onto the lid of this stylish metal container, and fill it with special gifts like homemade bookmarks, photo keepsakes or yummy fudge.

Photo Cushion

Make a photo cushion with kids' handprints for your sofa using the free Snapfish app
Create on the App | Create on the Web

Cuddle time on the couch will feel even sweeter. We have a range of pre-designed photo cushion templates that look ever-so-professional when printed with your photos. Fun Tip: try photographing some messy play of your kids’ handprints and printing them on the cushion.

Photo Book

Create a photo book with father and son photos using the Snapfish app and your phone pictures
Create on the App | Create on the Web

Tell your own family story. We have a selection of photo book layouts to choose from. Remember to tell Mum to photograph the kids’ drawings or paintings and include them, too. Dad will love this one!

happy father's day card on a table - customise for Dad or Grandad with photos on your phone
Create on the App | Create on the Web

Finally, pair off your thoughtful gift with a Custom Father’s Day Card. Don’t forget to check out our Father’s Day card sentiment post for ideas on how to craft that perfect card message.

We’d love to see your unique Father’s Day creations! Please tag us using @snapfishuk on Instagram or Facebook with photos or use the hashtag #snapfishUK. You can also follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, too.

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