Whet Your Photo App-etite

stack of prints on wooden table

It’s easy to claim your 50 free prints every month for a year with the Snapfish App. (And who doesn’t love free stuff?) Keen to get started? Read on, and get ready to capture it all and enjoy great printed mementos for many days to come… Or if you prefer, watch our easy how to video tutorial.

Download the Snapfish App

iphone x showing screen of snapfish app in appstore

Register for a free account (or login with your existing Snapfish password)

iphone x showing screen of sign up snapfish app

Your monthly free print credits will instantly be applied to your account

iphone x showing red screen alert for free prints

Select “Order Prints” from the bottom toolbar – or browse the shop

iphone x showing snapfish app home page

Choose your print size (free print credit only available for 6×4″ or 5.3×4” prints)

iphone x showing prints section

Select the photos you want to print. You can upload from your phone, social media or Snapfish accounts. Did you know you can order multiple prints of the same photo?

iphone x showing drop down menu option to pull photos from

Tap “Done” once all photos are chosen

iphone x showing photo grid in snapfish app

Review your order

iphone x showing screen that details sizes and numbers

Edit or crop your photos if needed

iphone x showing a photo in editing mode

Add to cart

iphone x showing snapfish 'add to cart' prompt

Review your billing details. You can delete part of your order, add a coupon code and check that your free print credit has been applied. Did you know you send the order to any address in the UK?

iphone x showing snapfish billing details page

Confirm your order and wait for your print delivery to delivered to your door

Troubleshooting: Can’t see your free prints?

If you have already signed up for the offer and are trying to refresh your current monthly credits, please log out of the app and log back in. Then you will be able to see the new credits in your account when you check out with your prints.

Make sure you have the correct country selected in your phone settings

general settings screen on iphone x, showing language and region

In Settings >General >Language & Region make sure you have selected the correct country (e.g. UK). This is required in order to access the correct app for your country

Need more help? Follow our easily online video tutorial.

Alternatively visit our helpful web page with more information + help content on the Free Snapfish Photo App.

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