How to take great first day of school photos + more!

Since going back to school looks different this year, new school year pictures might be a bit out of the ordinary, too. So why not learn how to take great photos of your kids all on your own? We’ve got some helpful tips + tricks on how to best capture photos of your back to school children.

Although we’re all getting into the back-to-school mindset, these photo tips can be used all year long. Plus, it’s a fun way to continue practising your photography skills — make it your goal to capture some frame-worthy snaps of your little cuties, even using just your smartphone!

Get on their level and get close

Kneel or crouch to get down to their eye level. This perspective is much better than a top-down shot. It’s more warm, inviting, and intimate. And coming down to the little one’s level will make you more approachable and the kids will be more relaxed.

Be silly and have fun!

This photo on the left is the first photo this little one + her mama took at the park that day. Her hands are balled up, her smile is just not quite there, and she appears very stiff. The quickest way to relax and have a more natural smile and body language is to have fun!

So, don’t be afraid to get silly with the kids. Come out from behind the camera yourself! Let them see your faces, eyes, and smile. Tell them jokes or ask them to depict different emotions – be happy, be sad, be surprised, be scared, be stinky?! – or ask them to make funny faces – like I did here. You’ll get a laugh. They’ll get a laugh. And hopefully you will snap up that perfect smile.

Picture of girl

Plus, eventually you might end up with a magical shot like this one! So, don’t give up on capturing a picture-perfect photo of your little one, it’s just moments away.

Picture of family fun with Dad

Just keep shooting frames

Kids move fast. This little guy was running in circles around his sister and dad. His mum knew what was coming, and that she should just keep snapping away!

Digital media makes it easy to shoot quick, shoot often, and review the photos instantly. Sometimes you need to take a few photos before you get the best one. And the best one won’t always be the one where they are posing and smiling just right. And that’s okay. Follow their lead… and shoot often.

Close up photos work well for wall art

How sweet is the moment when this little guy was finally caught? Certainly a frame-worthy memory!

In summary, there are 3 easy tips to taking great photos of children:

  1. Get on their level and get close
  2. Be silly and have fun
  3. Just keep shooting!
Print photos of their first day of school

Pick some photos to be printed

While we have a bit more time to capture these fun, silly, and special moments of our little ones, it’s also important to take the photos from your phone screen to being seen in the real world! While it may be easy to document their first day of school outfit with these helpful tips, don’t forget to show it off in your home as well. Looking for some inspiration on what might look best? We’ve got you covered. Prints are an easy and affordable way to bring your favourite snaps to life. Did you know you can get 50 free 6×4″ prints each month with the Snapfish app? If 6×4″ isn’t your style, or you’re looking for something larger, we’ve got lots of other options. Choose from square prints, collage prints, photo booth strips, large size prints, posters, and loads more.

print their first day at school picture as a framed photo print for the desk or table

Plus, you can even order framed prints straight from us. Skip the extra step of shopping around for a frame and get it delivered to your door, ready to display. Just choose the right size for your photo and you’re good to go!

Showcase their first day at school picture as a large format canvas photo print

Create custom canvas featuring your favourite faces

Another popular way to display your high-quality photos of the family is with canvas prints. Choose from a range of sizes and print options, including colour wrap or photo wrap corners, collage options, design layouts, and more. Our canvas prints are an excellent way to display your little cutie’s special memories, from school photos to the snuggly moments.

Split canvas photo prints available in 3 or 4 combinations

If you are looking for a sure-fire way of showcasing your loved ones on the walls of your home, then give our popular canvas sets a try! These easy-to-hang wall art pieces look stunning in the bedroom, living room, and more. Plus, it’s easy to update them with single canvas prints as you capture even more gorgeous shots of your loved ones as they grow up

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