Noteworthy Reasons To Send Thank You Cards


Amidst fleeting emails, texts, Gchats, and Snapchats, receiving tangible cards in the mail is a delight that we treasure here at Snapfish. We’re challenging ourselves to disconnect from phones, laptops, and tablets for just a few minutes to pen a thank you card to someone near or far for our Christmas gifts. Here are four reasons why we love sending (and receiving!) snail mail.

1. You can hold onto letters.

Letters don’t live on your phone, which is a good thing. Pin them to a (real!) bulletin board, or frame them on your desk for an instant pick-me-up. Finding and rereading letters years later will give you those good nostalgic vibes.

2. We like sending thoughtful thanks.

Thank You cards hold so much more weight when penned out thoughtfully. Expressing a heartfelt, well-worded note of gratuity goes a longer way than shooting a quick “Thx!” via text.

3. Brightening someone’s day gives us joy.

Putting a smile on a friend’s face is priceless. Exchanging letters will strengthen your friendship and give you the space to go into detail about the things that matter most.

4. Expressing yourself in design is FUN!

As a creative company, we love the personalised and pretty aspect of letter writing. We enjoy picking out the perfect card sentiment that makes us laugh or gives us the warm fuzzies. Receiving an envelope addressed in gorgeous calligraphy makes a snail mail delivery that much more special. Plus, we’re suckers for beautiful postage stamps!

Time to share some of our favourite Thank you card designs:

1.  Thank You Fun Dots

2. Many Thanks

3. Thank You Gold Dots

4. Speech Bubble Thank You

5. Can’t Thank You Enough

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Snapfish + Macmillan are working in partnership to raise vital funds. For every greeting card or flat card set sold, Macmillan receive up to 15p.

Snapfish Shopping Guide:
1. Thank You Fun Dots 2. Many Thanks 3. Thank You Gold Dots  4. Speech Bubble Thank You 5. Can’t Thank You Enough

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