Mother's Day Photo Book

Blooming with botanical prints, burlap-inspired backgrounds, and clean title pages, this beautiful ‘Magic Mum’ photo book is perfect for celebrating all the magic that Mum brings to your life. Gift one to your mum featuring all the siblings, relatives, grand-cuties, and fluffy family members. Photos that are silly, sweet, serious, and straight-up ’70s will bring Mum all sorts of joy/nostalgia/love. If you’re Mum and want to be surprised, forward this to your family and don’t read any further!

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Discover how to take wonderful wintertime photos by using correct camera settings and these tips and tricks for snowy fun.

Child and snow

Set your white balance 

When your camera “sees” snow, its bright white colour can throw off the white balance. The results will be a photo that looks too dark or bluish in tone. Some cameras have a snow shooting mode, to compensate for snow and lighting conditions.

For those without, use your camera’s manual controls to adjust white balance until the snow’s colour is accurate. Watch your camera’s screen adjust until the snow looks white.

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