INSPIRATION:- Put Friends and Family in the Frame With Portrait Photos

While not everybody enjoys having their photo taken, people do make the most fascinating subjects. Getting the perfect shot can take a little practice, so we’ve put together our top five tips to help you put friends and family in the frame with portrait photos:

  1. Is the light right?

It’s best to avoid bright sunlight, so start by looking for a shady place. This will soften the light and avoid dark shadows obscuring your shot. Look for areas of even lighting, such as next to a high wall, or when a cloud completely covers the sun. Dawn and dusk also create magical soft and subtle lighting that’s ideal for creating stunning portrait shots.

Put friends and family in the frame with portrait photos

  1. Choose a new perspective

Taking a photo looking upwards can make your subject look large and powerful, but it can be difficult to flatter them this way. Choose a side-on angle for a clever profile shot, or place yourself higher than the subject to create exciting and interesting images. Encourage them to act naturally and not focus on the camera to create candid moments that capture their true personality.

Put friends and family in the frame with portrait photos

  1. Set the scene

Choose surroundings that help reflect the character of your subject. Are they more at home in the quiet of the countryside, the beauty of a beach or the buzz of a city? Tell a story by choosing objects that are important to them – perhaps you can include a classic car, sports kit or family pet in the shot?

  1. Dare to zoom!

Experiment with the settings on your camera to take striking close-up shots that capture the small details that make each of us unique.

Put friends and family in the frame with portrait photos

  1. Make the most of your photos

Now you’ve got some stunning shots, don’t hide them on your hard drive. Create wall art or frame large prints that show off your skills, and share the best shots with friends and family as photo gifts.

Put friends and family in the frame with portrait photos

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