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Crazy for colouring

Kids will have so much fun with these cool colouring pages. We are always adding more, so check back often!

Coloring pages - Make Believe

Make Believe & Superhero Colouring Pages

All the princes, princesses, and bravehearts in your life will fall in love with these fairy-tale and superhero colouring pages. Print out a whole bunch and use them at birthday parties, playdates, or anytime.

Princes (221.8 KB)

Princesses (146.2 KB)

Castle (153.8 KB)

Pirates (192.5 KB)

Superheroes (149.7 KB)

Under the Sea Colouring Pages

They’ll have an underwater blast bringing these loveable sea creatures to life. From a turtle and a seahorse to the eight-armed octopus, these ocean dwellers are sure to inspire some creative colouring.

Snappy Colouring Book (3.1 MB)

Turtle (173 KB)

Seahorse (550 KB)

Clown Fish (549.7 KB)

Octopus (145.7 KB)

Coloring pages - Puppies Coloring pages - Cars Coloring pages - School

Puppy Love

They’ll be clamouring to colour in the cutest puppies ever!

Puppy Love (166.2 KB)

Race Cars

Get them all revved up with these super-charged race car colouring pages.

Race Cars (170.5 KB)

School Time

Make learning fun with these clever classroom colouring sheets

School Time (289.3 KB)

Coloring pages - Holiday

Seasonal Colouring Pages

These charming holiday-themed colouring pages will keep your kids busy so you can start the festive preparations.

Valentine’s Day (180.6 KB)

Easter (35.5 KB)

Halloween (318.7 KB)

Christmas (659.6 KB)

Coloring pages - Space

Into Space Colouring Pages

They’re sure to be transported to a galaxy far, far away with these space-age astronaut and rocket ship colouring pages.

Astronauts (173.7 KB)

Rocket Ships (146.1 KB)

Coloring pages - Butterflies Coloring pages - Animal Kingdom Coloring pages - Sports


Let their imaginations soar with these beautiful butterfly pages.

Butterflies (141.7 KB)

Animal Kingdom

Animal lovers will appreciate these lions and bisons and polar bears... oh my!

Animal Kingdom (330.9 KB)


Sports stars will get a big kick out of colouring this super sporty picture.

Sports (247.5 KB)

Dinosaur Colouring Pages

Brachiosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Triceratops, oh my! Your little paleontologist wannabes will have a dino-roaring good time bringing these dinosaur pages to colourful life.

Brachiosaurus (115.9 KB)

Giganotosaurus (123.7 KB)

Triceratops (129.0 KB)