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About Us

Be inspired how Snapfish started 16 years ago.

About Us

Be inspired how Snapfish started 16 years ago.

About Us

Snapfish started in 2000 through a friendship, between the 4 founders, and a vision, to ensure everyone could access their memories in a snap (some might refer to it now as the first cloud service) and be able to create beautiful personalised products using them.

Nobody could anticipate the success that Snapfish was going to have or the technological advancements that would follow, such as

  • Smartphones
  • High res photos
  • Social networks.


The site they created withstood and embraced these changes over 16 years, an eternity in technological terms.

As a result Snapfish became the single largest platform of its kind worldwide thanks to you: our customers and partners.



we have been working intensely in the background to re-define how beautiful moments still translate into lasting memories drawing inspiration from what you, our customers, have told us.

The new Snapfish site has been completely re-designed

  • To embrace the mobile landscape
  • Address the security concerns
  • Deliver the easier creative process our lives expect.


As you can imagine this path has been complicated, so you will see the Snapfish site evolve in leaps and bounds following launch as we continue to innovate including some of your favourite features and products from the old site as well as new ones.

As we make improvements to our new site we would value your ongoing feedback.

Please make your remarks via the link "Feedback" found at the bottom right of the site. So come on take a look at the new Snapfish and enjoy the journey with us… '

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