2022 Gifting Trends & Home Decor Inspiration for Spring & Summer

2022 offers even with more opportunities for socialising, as we re-establish our grasp on normality, post COVID. Our homes will remain a focal point, with spring /summer-inspired decor, activities, and custom home-entertaining items that are essential to warm weather gatherings with family and friends.

Read on for customised gift and home decor ideas based on the latest design trends to help you create presents, decor and party favours with added significance, spread much-needed good vibes, and even sprinkle in a little extra sunshine.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Plant Pot
Succulent Monogram | Hidden Bouquet

Biophilia – Named for the inherent pull of humans toward nature, biophilia is blooming across categories as a design trend. Think: house plants, botanical and floral prints, natural materials, and all things inspired by the natural world.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Slim Canvas
8×8″ Slim Canvas Print

Mood-boosting hues – Shoppers aren’t afraid of adding pops of colour to their lives. Drawing influences from kaleidoscopes and playful interiors, bold colour choices add a touch of fun to everyday style.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Mother's Day Card
Perennial Frame

Graphic retro – Prints inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s (especially floral patterns) are both bold and fun for this season. Nostalgic motifs like pared-down ‘60s daisies and ‘70s-inspired geometric shapes are trending across categories for mid-2022.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Custom Cushion + Blanket Set
Photo Cushion “Folky Floral” | Plush Fleece Photo Blanket “Folky Floral”

People are looking to continue to investing in making their home more inviting, upgrading the home bar or kitchen with accessories, and their living room or bedroom with on-trend home decor basics like custom blankets and personalised cushions.

Key occasions to customise for with the help of Snapfish


Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like these Easter Cards
7×5″ Flat Card set “Hoppy Easter”

Amped-up pastels – The trend toward embracing bolder colours is ringing true for Easter. While softer pastels will still be popular, brighter tones of pinks, yellows, and purples are catching shoppers’ eyes.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Placemat
Placemat “Design Your Own”

Garden party glam – For those who are hosting gatherings this year, searches for elevated floral-inspired outdoor decor are expected to increase.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Easter Card
7×5″ Flat Card set “Bunny Ears Easter”

Bunny bonanza – Rabbit motifs full of springtime whimsy are making a comeback this year, especially for greeting cards and Easter party decor.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Photo Wall Canvas
16×12″ Slim Canvas Print “Painted Love”

While Mother’s Day in the UK is on the 27th of March in 2022, much of the world (including the US, Canada, and Germany) celebrates mums in May.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like these Photo Gifts for Mum
L-R – Button Badge Keyring | White Coffee Mug 11oz

Youthful designs – Child-like drawings and playful imagery are expected to shine this year, especially for new mums with wee ones. Lean into this trend by turning your kids’ art into gallery worthy artwork like photo tiles, canvas prints, calendars, mugs, keyrings and more.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like these Custom Photo Gifts
L – R | Set of 4 Coasters | Tea Towel “Brushed Monogram”

Thoughtful tablescapes – Trayscaping, and the outdoor-friendly ‘picnic-scaping,’ is all about elevating the classic breakfast in bed to create a memorable dining experience at home. Think: carefully-designed trays, custom tray cloths, plant pots, personalised coasters + napkins, and vintage-styled tea cups.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like these Custom Cooking Gifts
L-R – Tea Towel “Grandma’s Kitchen Special” | Chopping Board “Grandma’s Kitchen Special”

Family Togetherness

Buyers are looking to gift mother-figures experiences (rather than just objects) with things like DIY kits and custom cooking sets. Why not put together your own cooking gift basket with a customised chopping board, tea towel, bottle opener, plus fresh ingredients for a beautiful recipe?

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Photo Keyring
Square Slimline Keyring

Tasteful trinketsPersonalised keyrings and lanyards are popular gifts for a reason!

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Family Recipe Photobook
11×8″ Landscape Hardcover Photo Book (A4) “Studio Multi”

New heirlooms – Shoppers in 2022 are thinking about ways to honour their ancestral heritage with high quality items that tell a story. Think: photo books with a family recipe printed inside.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like these Photo Tiles
Photo Tiles

Personalised art: Gift custom items featuring family names, illustrations, or idiosyncratic elements like handwriting or children’s drawings to create the heirlooms of the future.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like these Mother's Day Cards
7×5″ Folded Cards “Bright Frame”

Playful authenticity: Childlike drawings and whimsy can make gifts and cards feel more special, especially for mothers of young children.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Custom Drinkware
L-R – Large Coffee Mug 15oz | White Coffee Mug 11oz “Family Pen Circle” |
Personalised Water Bottle “Established Mama”

Decadent drinking vessels: Beautiful custom drinking vessels or a hand-crafted mug elevates the everyday experience of enjoying their beverage of choice and serves as a regular reminder of the gift giver. – Think custom water bottles, mugs, and bottle openers.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Custom Chopping Board
Chopping Board “Nautical Home”

Personalised decor: Custom chopping boards, family portrait illustrations, personalised plant pots, cushions, and more, are poised to make a splash yet again in 2022, as shoppers look for gifts that make homes feel more unique and reflective of the present recipient’s personality.

Personalised just for him – Show them how you understand that every father is unique by offering personalised gifts made just for him. Customise your presents with colour backgrounds, embellishments and bespoke designs to make your halo shine this Father’s Day.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like these Custom Photo Gifts for Dad
L-R – Personalised Round Tin | Personalised Water Bottle “Best Square”

Functional and graphic – Consider gifts that cater to the no-nonsense dad by being both stylish and practical. This trend ranges from water bottles sporting sharp, simple patterns to clever storage tins printed with scanned kids artwork on the lid.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Photo Phone Case and Keepsake Keyring for Dad
L-R – iPhone 13 Pro Max Case | Photo Button Badge Keyring

Pleasure in the day-to-day – Items that add a playful touch to daily life are also interesting for the men in your life. For example: a button badge keyring with a beloved child’s drawing printed on it or a phone case printed with an inside joke.

The home remains the centre of many people’s lives in 2022, and as the weather gets warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, many are looking to refresh their living spaces (indoor and outdoor) and spend more time outside. As some students graduate and move out on their own for the first time, the season is ripe with demand for meaningful housewarming gifts.

This time of year brings multiple occasions for parties. Between Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation season, fun-loving and soothing spring images are on the rise.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Custom Party Invite
7×5″ Flat Card set “Little Princess”

Focus on faces – An easy way to make paper and party accessories more playful and expressive is to add simple faces and silhouettes to them. Create artfully abstract, bold and graphic invitations, photo print banners or custom table decor with Snapfish.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Photo Book, Mug + Phone Case customised with Photos
L-R – 11×8″ Landscape Hardcover Photo Book (A4) “Organic Shapes” |
White Coffee Mug 11oz “Flower Child” | iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Botanicals in bloom – Florals have always been a standby for springtime, and this year is no different. From pared down, graphic daisies for Gen Z to delicate, intricate florals for self-identifying “grandmillenials”, you can’t go wrong with floral-inspired personalised presents.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Graduation Card customised with pictures
L-R – 7×5″ Folded Cards “You Did It” | 7×5″ Folded Cards “On The Side”

As graduation season approaches, people want to show their pride and congratulate the new grads in their lives with cheerful graduation cards and stationery.

Create On-Trend Gifts With Snapfish like this Wedding Card
7×5″ Flat Card set “Wedding Brunch Wood Cut”

After many postponed and rescheduled ceremonies, we could see a record number of weddings this year, especially for millennials. Wedding shoppers are prioritising tying the knot sooner rather than later, and they’re looking to incorporate cheerful hues and feminine details throughout their big day.

Personalised keepsakes – From wedding favours to gifts for the happy couple, shoppers are looking for heirloom-quality wedding presents that feel unique to the newlyweds and their individual aesthetic.

No matter which ideas you end up choosing, you’re sure to inspire bright and sunny feelings this spring and summer.

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