The ABC’s of Making Phonics Flashcards

Maximise your child’s learning with phonics-based flashcard prints.

Print long-lasting flashcards using the Snapfish photo print templates in this post, or customise your own!

Letter recognition comes so naturally to you now, but your child is navigating these mysterious symbols for the first time. Helping them decode the alphabet is no easy task. Flashcards are a great place to start, so enjoy a few tips on how to make the most of them using your Snapfish App free prints allowance!

Back to basics.

Learning to read is hard, so start simple. Focus on the first letter, start with their name. Once they know the sound their own letters makes, do some quick association with the new imagery on the print.

Story time

Make up a silly story together using the flashcard using that letter as many times as possible: “Annie the Apple always advertises her amazing alpaca.”

I Spy

Once you’ve mastered the the sound the letter makes, don’t hesitate to go outside the image on the photo print! Look around the room and ask, “what else starts with the letter A”? You can then create your own flashcard prints using your own photos, text and even embellishments on your collage photos.

Breaking it down and sounding it out

Break down the images into their other sounds to help recognise sound sequences. “What other letter do you hear in the word um -B-R-e-L-la

Practise, Practise, Practise.

Come back to the same letters again and again, using familar images to help trigger their memory.

The technical details

Use your flashcards for as long as your child needs to read them. Printing the images as Snapfish photo prints is a cheap, simple (and durable) way to create cost effective phonics cards and helps your little ones survive the frustration of navigating the English language.

Get creative!

Quickly create and print out some ready made flashcards (just download these printable flashcard templates) , or customise your own! Flashcards support your child’s learning experience; you can make it more personal by using the names of loved ones and pets!
Download all the images by clicking here.

Whatever you create, don’t forget to share! We’d love too see your ideas for inspiring children to read & learn the alphabet.

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