Document your family history

Growing up, I can recall an old brown leather suitcase under the bed, teeming with old photos. I didn’t want to leave them, hidden and collecting dust, but I also didn’t need framed photos all over the house. Why not digitally catalogue old family photos from your albums and preserve them in stunning, modern and truly unique family history photo books? For this old family photos hack, we’ve provided you with some handy tips. Happy scanning!

family history photo books
Creating beautiful family history photo books is easy

How to preserve treasured family photos:

Old photos
Don’t leave old photos in the drawer or suitcase. Give them new life.

1. Scan the photos onto your device. (You could also simply photograph them).

Scanning old photos
Scan or photograph old photos and then upload to Snapfish as usual

2. Upload your photos into the Snapfish Photo Book builder.

Creating the photobook on Snapfish
Drag & drop the photos to where you want on the page

3. Select a suitable photo book background. There are plenty of layouts (and even embellishments to choose from). I uploaded a Family Tree image I had created using some Photo Editing software.

family history photo books
Create professional looking family history books in your own home

4. Add your address & enter a delivery method. Your book will be with you within a week usually.

Your photo book is delivered to your door
Nothing beats the excitement of opening your photo book for the first time.

5. Enjoy and share with loved ones! (Why not order multiple copies as a great gift idea?) I am delighted with how the book has turned out. I gave a copy to my grandmother on her 100th birthday and it was the best gift she could have ever received; she kept it by her side and kept looking at it.  

family history photo books
Remember to capture the moment you share the book with your family

We’d love to see your family history photo book creations!

What did you create on Snapfish? Share it with us on social media! You can tag us with @snapfishuk in your photos on Instagram or Facebook or use the hashtag #snapfishuk. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube , Twitter and Pinterest, too. We love seeing what you create.

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