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How a ‘card wall of positivity’ helped Emma through her pandemic breast cancer diagnosis

We all know that receiving a card can bring a smile to someone’s face, but you may not realise how much hope and positivity they can provide through dark times, like it did for Emma when she was facing a life-changing diagnosis.

Picture of Emma with a positivity wall of support to keep her focused on beating cancer with Macmillan

At the start of 2020, Emma was a typical working mum in her early 40s, juggling the demands of a full-time job and bringing up her nine-year-old son, Zac, with her husband, Matt. But, in February that year, her life was turned upside down.

Emma was in the shower when she noticed a small, hard lump on the side of her chest. She tried not to panic and after visiting her GP she was referred to the hospital where, after several tests, the doctors confirmed it was breast cancer.

As she broke the news to family, friends and colleagues, cards started to arrive at her house. Some had positive images like rainbows on the front or a pretty picture and a simple message of hope and support, such as “You’ve got this” or “Take it one day at a time”. She began pinning them on her living room wall and she and her family decided that they would call it ‘The wall of positivity’.

During her treatment, Emma received hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which meant she went through early menopause that left her feeling physically and mentally drained. Returning home after each gruelling treatment to her growing ‘wall of positivity’ gave her the strength to get through the relentless sickness and nausea.

Macmillan support people with cancer.

Due to the pandemic, she had to attend hospital treatments alone and relied upon the Macmillan Online Community to connect with other people who were facing similar situations, such as the ‘Under 50s with breast cancer’ group. She also ordered a variety of Macmillan booklets for herself and her parents to better understand what her cancer experience would look like and shared emails with her Macmillan nurse who was a real support to her, albeit virtually.

Thankfully, doctors are now confident that there’s no evidence of cancer in Emma’s body and there’s a high chance it won’t return. It’s the best news she could hope for. Her living room walls are still completely full of cards, which she treasures dearly. Going through breast cancer and menopause in such a short space of time was terrifying, but those cards reminded her everyday that she wasn’t alone.

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