Make It A Never-Ending Summer

It’s back-to-school season! Capitalise on classic summer moments by customising all of your child’s school essentials, and prepare for a fantastic academic year ahead.

Make It A Never-Ending Summer
Personalised notebooks, Photo Acrylic Keyring, Cushions, Calendars, Water bottle, Placemats, and Travel mugs. Everything you need to personalise your back to school essentials

An irresistible page-turner

Make It A Never-Ending Summer
Personalised notebooks are perfect for summer scrapbooks

Our personalised notebooks will get their creativity spiralling well past September.

Keep it together

Personallise their school bags with a custom keyring - bag tag
Make it easy for them to recognise their school or PE bags with a Photo Acrylic Keyring

Sweet photo key rings make the perfect personalised bag tag for all ages. A totally unique way to identify the correct school bags at home time (and for their important house key, if they are old enough).

Hit reset

Make It A Never-Ending Summer
Use inspirational quotes on cushions & blankets

New school year, new space. Update their bedroom and work/study area with inspirational yet personal custom decor. Custom blankets & cushions are the perfect pairing as the nights start to draw in after summer.

School spirit

Make It A Never-Ending Summer
Personalised calendars make every month a page-turner

Make sure they (and let’s face it, you) stay on top of it all with breathtaking personalised photo calendars. Add photos to key dates (like start of term) so you can see at a glance all the key occasions.

How refreshing

Make It A Never-Ending Summer
Make them feel good with this eco-friendly water bottle

Help them quench their thirst with your latest and greatest summer vacation photos and our custom insulated re-usable water bottles. Customise with their name and class number so they will have no excuse for bringing the wrong water bottle home from school.


Make It A Never-Ending Summer
Make that morning sip special with this re-usable drink container

Remember your loveliest family moments every time you grab one of our travel mugs on your way out the door to school and work.

Personalised mealtimes

Make It A Never-Ending Summer
Help them sit still at the dinner table with this personalised placemat

A place for everything and everything in its place(mat)”. Personalise mealtimes with a custom placemat to make eating more fun.

Perfectly personalised school swimming towels

Make It A Never-Ending Summer
Unique and fun personalised swimming towels

Help them find their towel at the end of the school swimming lessons with our custom beach towels. Add photos, or just use one of our many background design templates and add text and embellishments to customise their school swimming towel.

We’d love to see your back to school creations!

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