Release your inner artist

Create unique canvas wall art using your own favourite photos and stunning, easy-to-use filters.

How I applied the filter to my own photos:

1. I took some stunning images on a recent trip to the seaside and I wanted to turn them into something a little different. Not being very creative with an actual paintbrush, I typically turn my photos into wall art, but then I wanted something that looked more like a watercolour or an oil painting. I looked for a suitable app on my phone and found Sketch Guru, but there are plenty out there.

2. It was so easy to apply the filter once I’d chosen one I liked.

3. I then simply uploaded the new photo onto my Snapfish account.

4. I then chose a small 12×8” slim canvas, as I was not sure of the resolution. The watercolour filter I applied looks amazing! I would not recommend going any larger as the app I used reduced the resolution, but there might be better apps out there which would give you a better resolution.

5. It even inspired me to create another canvas with more of an oil-based filter. Now, all my visitors think I am an accomplished art collector. I am so thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait to find more photos to transform into paintings like this!

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