Father Figure – Top Father’s Day cards

Our favourite Father’s Day cards

Assortment of Father's Day cards
Folded Cards “Most Awesome Dad” | “Father’s Day Lines” | “#1 Dad”

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: most dads are softies at heart. Dad might not get totes emosh, but he’ll definitely be blown away if he receives a personalised Father’s Day card this year.

Cards often get overlooked; they are seen as secondary to the ‘more important’ Father’s Day gift. But, for many, it’s actually the card and message inside that matter the most. Sure, you could nip to the local supermarket to buy a card but it wouldn’t be the sweetest option.

What if you could get Dad a truly personalised card, though?

The Designs

For as little as £1.25, you can get the Daddy of all Father’s Day cards from Snapfish this year. From silly to sentimental, and photo cards to designs for sporting diehards, there are dozens of different designs for you to choose for Dad. Even if you’re already the favourite child, here’s your chance to take Dad’s favouritism to the next level. We’ve handpicked seven of our top Father’s Day card designs below:

Letterman Hero Card

"Hero" Father's Day card
Folded Cards “Letterman Hero”

Get it here.

#1 Dad Card

"#1 Dad" Father's Day card on pile of books
Folded Cards “#1 Dad”

Get it here.

Father’s Day Lines Card

Simple Father's Day photo card
Folded Cards “Father’s Day Lines”

Get it here.

Most Awesome Dad Card

"Most Awesome Dad Ever" card on shelf
Folded Cards “Most Awesome Dad”

Get it here.

Best Dad Ever Card

Inspiring Father's Day card on table
Folded Cards “Best Dad Ever”

Get it here.

Simply Dad Card

Father's Day card with a young father and his son
Folded Cards “Simply Dad Father’s Day Card”

Get it here.

We Love Grandad Card

Card with photo of grandfather and grandson
Folded Cards “We Love Grandad”

Get it here.

Make Dad LOL

Is Dad even your Dad if he doesn’t tell the worst ‘Dad Jokes’ from time to time? Some are actually not too cringe-y. Some are bad. Some are just plain awful. But, the important thing is: they all make Dad laugh.
We compiled a list of eight of our favourite Dad Jokes in a recent blog post.

LOL! No? We found it funny. See all eight here.

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Snapfish + Macmillan are working in partnership to raise vital funds. For every greeting card or flat card set sold, Macmillan receive up to 15p.

What’s your favourite Dad joke? What makes him laugh? Please share them with us and remember to tag your Father’s Day creations on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter with #snapfishUK or @snapfishuk

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