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Framed Photos

Showcase your most precious memories with museum-quality prints.


Create framed prints

Framed Photos

Showcase your most precious memories with museum-quality prints.


Create framed prints

Framed Photos

Framed Photos

From tabletops to walls, you can decorate any living space with eye-catching framed photo prints.

Why Choose our Framed Prints?

We want you to enjoy treasured pictures for a lifetime, which is why we recommend you print and frame photos to protect and preserve them.


We create our framed photos by printing your image onto premium paper, mounted with museum-quality cardstock, and then placed behind crystal-clear safety glass.


  • Elegant wood frame is responsibly source


  • High quality inks on professional-grade photo paper


  • Ready-to-display with easel back + wall mount



Choice of Frame Colours

Showcase your most proud moments with our new colour framed prints. Available in four classic colours: black, white, gold and silver these frames are sure to add a wow to your home.


Choose the perfect frame to match your photos. Gold and silver frames work well for family portraits, stunning landscapes and wedding photos. Black and white frames work well with most photos giving a modern feel.

Available in our 5 largest frame sizes 12x12"- 20x30", mix and match size and colour options to create a unique wall display.

Frame-worthy Moments

Framed photo prints are a great pick when you want your favourite memories to be the centrepiece of your display.

Wedding photos

Wedding Photos

Some of the most priceless moments of your life will be captured on your wedding day. Make sure they’re beautifully preserved with framed wall art.

Family Photos

Family Photos

Turn little moments into grand ones with our framed photo prints. Perfect for highlighting every holiday and adventure spent together.

Close up of framed print
Create a Gorgeous Photo Display with Framed Photo Prints


Your favourite memories deserve to be printed in the perfect format, which is why we have a wide range of sizes to choose from. Our framed prints come ready to display with an easel back for tabletops or a wall mount for your home gallery.



Get artistic with your framed prints by adding multiple images to create a one-of-a-kind photo collage. For something extra fun, jazz up your framed wall art by adding custom text and embellishments. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to be stunning!

Buy with confidence

Frequently asked questions about our Framed Photos

What size are your framed prints?

We offer a choice of eleven framed prints, ranging from 6x4" to 20x30". When choosing your framed print, please note the size corresponds to the dimension of photo print inside the frame. If you need the size of total print including the frame, please review the product detail before purchase.

How do I display my framed prints?

Our 6x4" to 8x12" come with both an easel back and hanging brackets which means they can be easily displayed on a table top or hung on a wall. Our larger sizes come with a hanging kit only, which makes them easy to hang and ready to create a beautiful display.

What paper do you use for framed prints?

To make sure you receive high quality framed prints you'll cherish forever, we use two types of paper, 250gsm Fujifilm photo paper for the smaller print sizes and 260gsm professional-grade thick matt paper for the larger print sizes.

Can my framed prints be printed in black and white?

Yes, we have different colour filters you can apply to your framed prints. Once you've added your chosen image, click the middle of the framed print and an option to edit will appear. Click EDIT, select the FILTERS tab and choose the black and white option. Finally click DONE EDITING and your black and white framed photo is ready to print.

What material are your frames made from?

Our frames are made from responsibly-sourced wood (FSC certified). Your image is then mounted behind either strengthened glass or acrylic glass depending on the frame chosen.

Can I change my photo within the frame?

It is possible to change the image in the smaller range of prints. For our larger sizes, this is more difficult and not recommended.

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