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Our choice of binding types

Discover more about our range of binding types. Whatever kind of book you want to create, we have the perfect match.

Layflat Hardcover Photo Books

The seamless layflat binding allows you to spread your photo elegantly across two pages.The extra-thick premium paper has a lustre-silk finish and you can create a photo book with up to 100 pages available in 4 sizes. Premium quality layflat books are perfect for wedding albums, travel books, baby books, and even portfolios.

Layflat Hardcover book sizes: 8x6", 8x8", 11x8'', 8x11", 14x11", 12x12''
Matt Layflat Hardcover book sizes: 8x6", 8x8'', 11x8", 8x11", 14x11", 12x12"

Layflat Hardcover Photo Book

Hardcover Photo Books

The hardcover with glue binding is a perfect match for a strong and extremely durable photo book.

Hardcover book sizes: 8x6", 8x8'', 11x8", 8x11", 12x12", 14x11", 15x11.5"
Matt Hardcover book sizes: 8x6", 8x8'', 11x8", 8x11", 12x12", 14x11", 15x11.5"

Hardcover Photo Book

Softcover Photo Books

Perfectly bound, hand-finished and printed in the UK with up to 150 pages. The softcover binding is perfect for light weight photo books you want to carry with you. They are available in 3 different formats: 11x8'', 8x8" and 7x5".

Softcover book sizes: 8x6", 8x8'', 8x11"

Softcover Photo Book

Papercover Photo Books

Simple and fun, papercover books are printed on archival quality paper. Papercover books have a semi-gloss finish throughout including the cover. Printed and staple bound in the UK.

Papercover book sizes: 8x6"

Helpful tips for making photo books
Tips for making Photo Book

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