PHOTO TIPS: Simple Techniques and Tips for Great Beach Photos

The beach provides a naturally beautiful canvas, and by simply using a variety of perspectives, you can create extraordinary pictures of your days by the sea. For example, snap a candid shot of your child or loved one unaware and enjoying the beach.

simple techniques and tips for great beach photos

The six photography tips below will help you set the foundation for a fantastic photo gift and keepsake you’ll cherish forever. To make this even easier, we’ve added recommendations how to pair your photos with Snapfisg products in order to make the best of them and create truly unique masterpieces.

See the small details

Use your camera’s macro shooting mode to shoot small details such as a footprint in the sand, a coconut washed to shore or an intricate seashell. Close up photos of beautiful nature objects are perfect to use on homeware such as placemats, coasters and photo mugs.

simple techniques and tips for great beach photos

Capture beach play

To catch the action try something new and set up your camera on action shooting mode or burst mode. Action shooting mode uses a fast shutter speed to stop action, so you get clear photos without blur. And burst mode lets you take multiple pictures with one click of the shutter button, perfect for catching a sequence of moves. You can add these fun, emotional and action-packed photos to a holiday photo book and bring summer home even on a cold winter day.

simple techniques and tips for great beach photos

Position the horizon

Rather than cut your image in half, make the composition of your photo more interesting. For example, notice how the horizon line in this photo is in the top third of the image – providing more visual interest. You can do the same with vertical elements such as trees, tall buildings or just your friends.

The blue water of the ocean and the golden sands will look even more vibrant on acrylic block or acrylic prints.

simple techniques and tips for great beach photos

Adjust to the light

When at the beach, avoid harsh shadows by shooting on cloudy days, in shade, or around sunrise or sunset. You can also use your camera’s flash when shooting in direct sun to get rid of strong shadows on faces or other objects in your shot. Once you’ve snapped the perfect beach photo you can bring the fun back to the office with a photo panel or acrylic prints.

simple techniques and tips for great beach photos

Black and white shots.

The colours of the sea and sky can be marvelous, but don’t forget that the contrast of black and white accentuates lines, textures, and edges, making it a good choice for capturing beach scenes and coastlines. These arty black and white photos are ideal for creating stylish wall art.

simple techniques and tips for great beach photos

Plan your photos

Nothing compares to being prepared for taking your perfect beach snap. You can use the clear horizon of a calm sea with props and your imagination to layer objects in the photo. For example, hold up a little souvenir ship in front of you using the sea as a background. To achieve a blurry background keep the focus on the ship. This will be a great page in your photo calendar or another picture-perfect moment on the wall.

simple techniques and tips for great beach photos

Now you can go ahead and test your new photography skills. And don’t forget, the more you practice, the better your photos will become.

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