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Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Honour your loved one's memory with beautiful photo books, cards, cushions, and more.

Memorial Gifts

Honour your loved one's memory with beautiful photo books, cards, cushions, and more.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial Cards

Celebrate the life of your loved one with personalised photo memorial cards..
7x5" Flat Cards from £0.65

Photo Books

Create a tribute photo book featuring favourite photos, memories, and more.
Hardcover 11x8" Photo Books  from £28.99

Photo Cushions

Commemorate your lost loved one with a custom photo cushion.
Photo Cushion from £23.99

More Special Ways to Keep their Memory Alive

You'll feel like your loved one is always with you with these custom keepsakes, including canvas prints, home décor, photo mugs, and more.

Memorial Gifts Tips + Ideas

Gift Idea 1: Create a Tribute Memory Book

The passing of a dear friend, family member, or pet is never easy. However, you can celebrate and commemorate a life well-lived with a beautiful photo book. Scan old photographs (or take pictures with your smartphone!) and compile new ones to add to the pages of a lovely memorial book. Simply upload all of your favourite photos and insert them into one of our beautifully designed templates. Snapfish makes it so easy to turn your favourite photo memories of a lost loved one into a perfect momento — one that you will cherish for years to come.


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Gift Idea 2: Simple Ways to Remember a Pet

A loss of a pet can be extremely difficult. If you're looking for ways to celebrate the life of your furry friend, why not create a custom keepsake to remember them by? A mug with your favourite photo can be a great option. You can also opt for a magnet or a keyring — these small items have huge meaning, and will be cherished forever.


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Gift Idea 3: Something for their Thoughts

A personalised notebook or journal can be a thoughtful sympathy gift for you or someone who may be grieving. It gives them a special place to write down their thoughts and feelings during a difficult time. Since the front cover can be customised with a photo or text, you can easily create something they will hold near and dear.


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Customer Reviews: In Memory Gifts

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

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