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Personalised Calendars

Personalised Calendars

A photo calendar is the perfect way to enjoy 365 days of your photos. Create your 2024 calendar now!

Create 11×17" Creative Calendar

Personalised Calendars

A photo calendar is the perfect way to enjoy 365 days of your photos. Create your 2024 calendar now!

Create 11×17" Creative Calendar

Personalised Calendars

Choose your photo calendar type and size

Keep your memories alive all year with a personalised calendar! We offer a variety of sizes and styles for you to choose from.
Open a saved calendar

Calendar Grids

Grids Galore

Our range of grids means you can customise every inch of your Creative Calendar, including the style of the monthly layout.

Choose from 4 grids and start your Creative Calendar today.


Calendar designs you'll love

Make your own calendar with our wide range of calendar designs. Whatever you're into, we have the perfect design to match your style.

Premium Calendars

Go Premium

Take your calendar to the next level with our Gloss finish Creative Calendar range. Printed on the highest quality paper and bound with a sturdy spiral binding. Each photo page is sealed with premium gloss coating for additional protection and to make your memories shine. The grid section has a matt/satin finish so it is easy to write on.


Why choose our calendars?

Comparing sizes

We offer a variety of sizes and styles for you to choose from, ranging from our A5 small calendars to our large calendars.

Decor Calendars on Living Room
Decor Calendars on Living Room

Fun calendar fonts and embellishments

Now you can personalise your calendars even more with 5000+ embellishments and over 60 different fonts.

Calendar fonts and embellishments

Calendar background designs, patterns and colours

Lots of beautiful designs to choose from or mix and match to make your calendar one of a kind.

Calendar background designs, patterns and colours

Customer Creations

Let yourself be inspired by the ideas on our blog and discover the many great ways to design your photo calendar.

Photo Calendar - Create your own calendar with ease

Be inspired by our wide variety of designs and themes for your personalised photo calendar. Our range of designs vary from simple yet stylish to bright and colourful. A personalised calendar allows you to share your favourite memories and best moments with your family and friends. A photo calendar is guaranteed to be a winning present with Grandparents!

Creating a calendar is easy, start by choosing the type of calendar you’d like to order, upload your photos from your desktop, mobile phone, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr. Add your photos to the calendar, or allow us to autofill the photos. It’s as simple as that! If you want to make sure your calendar is truly unique, add embellishments and text.


Want a little guidance to help make calendars you'll treasure all year long? No problem. Check out these tips.


Make a calendar


Editing a photo on a calendar page or cover


Adding a photo to a specific date

Photo Calendar Creation
Print personalised photo calendar
Your personalised calendar 2024

Snapfish allows you to create a unique photo calendar, that showcases all your precious memories. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Start the calendar with whichever month you like
  • Pick a theme to suit your taste, whether that be something simple or bright and colourful, we offer a wide range of designs
  • Or if you’d prefer, you can choose a different design for each month
  • Edit your images whilst you’re in the builder
  • Add text to your calendar
  • Personalise your calendar with embellishments


Desk Calendar or Wall Calendar?


Desk calendars are quick and easy to create, and the perfect gift to spruce up any office desk.
If you’d prefer to hang your calendar on the wall you can choose from our Creative Calendar, Wall Calendar or Kitchen Calendar. Our Kitchen Calendar is great for families to stay organised, and keep track of all family events and birthdays.

Buy with confidence


Frequently asked questions about our Calendars

How to make personalised calendars?

Making a calendar is simple, firstly decide on the type of calendar you would like, we have selection of both wall and desk calendars. Once you have chosen your calendar and the design, select MAKE THIS CALENDAR. This will then take you to our calendar builder where you can upload your chosen photos. In our builder you can't change the size of the calendar, but you can make other edits including updating layouts and designs. Need more help? Check our ‘how to create calendars‘ tutorial.

How to create a photo calendar without a design?

If you simply have some photos that you would like to turn into a personalised calendar Snapfish have made it super simple. Once you have chosen the type and size of your calendar opt for our full photo design and create your calendar using just your own photo in minutes.

Can I add text or images to my calendar grid?

Yes when you choose one of our creative wall calendars you have the option of adding text and images to your calendar grid. Need help? Check out our tutorial of how to add images and how to add text to calendar grids.

Can I change the starting month?

Yes, with Snapfish calendars you can start them from any month of your choice, making it a great gift throughout the year.

Can I modify selected designs?

Yes, once in the calendar builder you can easily modify designs. You can add embellishments, text amend the layouts of designs, add backgrounds and even completely choose a new layout for each month of the year.

What is the offered assortment of personalised calendars?

We have a large selection of personalised calendars including wall calendars, desk calendars, kitchen calendars and wood block calendars. We also offer personalised diaries.

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