Celebrate Your Lockdown Team with Collage Prints

Showcase family photos in a collage print layout. Choose from range of pre-made designs

For the majority of this year, the world was on lockdown as health officials hoped to slow the pandemic. Families were separated and key events celebrated apart from loved ones.

That new reality meant that businesses temporarily closed, schools shuttered, and the world stayed apart, together. Some people took this slow down to focus on hobbies, pet projects, and other undertakings they couldn’t normally get to. In fact, a lot of creativity came out of this temporary shutdown. One ingenious idea we saw was creating photo collages of you, your pandemic pals, and all your lockdown activities. As this is a historic moment in time, you’ll definitely want to document it the best you can for future generations. So, if you’d like a little help creating a photo collage for you and loved ones to look back on, we’ve got some great tips and tricks!

Create Your Collage Print

Print collages of your favourite photos

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what size collage print you’d like to create. At Snapfish, collage print sizes start at 4×4″ and go all the way up to a poster-sized 40×30″ print. With all of our collage prints, you can choose a gloss or matt finish and you can work with our pre-designed layouts or shuffle your photos to get the collage design that works best for you.

Choose collage print layouts, or shuffle photos to get the collage layout you like

If you’d really like to make your keepsake extra special, don’t forget the frame! Starting at size 6×4” up to 18×12”, our collage photo prints can be framed. Once you’ve made your selection on our desktop site, click on MAKE THIS PRODUCT. Don’t worry — if you change your mind after the fact, you can always change sizes and other options in the easy-to-use project builder.

Add text + embellishments to collage print layouts

Once you’ve selected your product, you’ll want to choose which photos to use. You can import your photos from multiple sources such as your computer, Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram or Flickr account. For your quarantine collage, think about all the photos you’ve taken of fun activities around the house, like dance parties, game night, lockdown kitchen experiments, and video call screenshots. Also, if anyone has celebrated a milestone like graduation, birthdays, new baby, and more, you can make collage prints to share with loved ones who may have missed out on the moment.

Create framed collage prints within minutes

After you’ve chosen your photos, you’ll want to choose a layout and arrange the photos. Not sure how to layout your photos? Don’t sweat it! We have some amazing pre-made designs for you to choose from. If you need help using the builder, our handy “How to create a collage print “ YouTube video walks you through the whole process.

Create instant wall art with collage photo prints

Last but not least, you can personalise your collage print with fun accents, embellishments, and backgrounds. If you’re not familiar with our collection of embellishments, we have over 3,000 to choose from and we’re always adding more. You can browse through different categories in our project builder like Family & Friends, Pets, and Phrases. If you don’t see a phrase you’d like to use, you can always add custom text to your project.

Need some caption ideas? Try out some of these fun phrases:

  • There’s no one I’d rather be stuck at home with…
  • Quarantine with my Quaranteam
  • With love, from a social distance
  • Quarantine Queen/King
  • From our house to yours
  • Stay home challenge 2020
  • You’re all I need
  • Love you from afar
  • Quarantini time           
  • Miss you much!
  • Stay home, save lives
  • Quarantine Chronicles 2020
  • Together we are stronger
  • Squad goals
  • Lockdown life
  • Our new normal
  • Six feet apart, but close at heart
  • Pandemic pals
  • Lockdown lovers

If you decide to make a collage print in the free Snapfish photo app, you can choose collage layouts for 15×10″ (38x25cm), 16.5×12″ (A3), 18×12″ (45x30cm), 30×20″ (75x50cm) sizes – and you can also upload your phone photos straight into your Snapfish account and create your collages in the website if you prefer. The app builder lets you easily choose photos, layouts, and add a pop of colour to the background.

DIY Collage Print

Make your own collage print design. Get 50 free prints a month with the Snapfish app

If you really want to get hands-on with your collage project, you can create your own at home. It’s also a great way to use up those 50 free prints you get each month in the Snapfish App! Just find the photos you’d like to use and gather up some art supplies like scissors, washi tape, glue, pens, paint, brushes, poster board, canvas, and old picture frames.

One popular method for photo collages is to draw a shape onto poster board or canvas, cut out your photos, and fit them into the shape drawn. Hearts are always a great shape to use! Once you’ve figured out how you want the photos arranged just carefully glue them to the surface. Feel free to write in captions with different coloured pens, or add flair with paint, glitter, whatever you’d like. There’s no limit to the different ways in which you can use your photos!

Too many photos? Collage print layouts mean you don't have to choose.

How To Create Collage Photo Prints Tutorial

If you need more tips and tricks for creating collage prints, including how to use our prints builder, check out our YouTube tutorial!

Ready to make your own collage prints? Make sure you share photos of your creations with us on social media. Just tag us using @SnapfishUK on Instagram or Facebook with photos or use the hashtag #SnapfishUK. You can also follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, too!

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