What is a photo book and how can you create a great story book of your life (with your photos)?

What exactly is a photo book?

Photobooks are a great way to display your photos and allow you to tell a story at the same time. It’s basically a photo album you create online and which is digitally printed. Start by choosing a size and paper type for your book. Next, upload your photos. You then get to customise each page with our large selection of backgrounds, text, embellishments (clip art), and arrange the photos into a layout of your choice.

What is a photo book?

Photo book vs Photo album

One of the most obvious differences between photo abums and photo books is the book thickness and paper type. Photo Book images are printed directly onto your choice of paper (semi-gloss or matt). Photo Albums typically have photo prints pasted onto the page. Photo Books are typically more lightweight, and thinner than traditional photo albums, so they take up less room on the coffee table or shelf.

Traditionally photo albums have small pockets where you can add individually printed photos or blank pages you can attach photo prints to. Photo albums are more like scrapbooks, where you stick prints into an album, adding a creative touch to the entire process.

The idea with photo albums is to avoid having hundreds of photo prints boxed away, never to see the light of day. You can spend hours deciding which photos you want to put in your albums, selecting each family memory individually. It is a time-consuming process, but one that could be lovingly pored over with family and friends.

With a photo book, you don’t add photos one at a time – instead, you select all the photos you want to include before your photo book is made and you can add your photos one-by-one from your digital album to your online book, or use our autofill feature to add them chronologically. You design your perfect photo book online using the website or photo app. Whether you want to preserve your wedding day, look back on your annual family getaway, or record your baby’s first milestones, the options for creativity are endless. You can even scan or photograph old family pictures and even kids’ artwork to create a digitally printed family history scrapbook.

Photo book vs Photo album

Photo books are fully customisable: you can change as many aspects as you like. Create a holiday or travel timeline and add captions & click art to your favourite moments. You can even create your own story to read to your little one, featuring early photos of family memories or their drawings.

Photo books are fully customisable and are made up of digitally printed photos

In a bind

Photo books are available in a classic style, with traditional book binding (perfect bound or saddle stitched) or a layflat style. The Layflat Photo Book style differs from a standard photo book in that photographs can be printed across the two pages in each spread. Layflat binding is perfect for those stunning panoramic shots or wedding photos, when you want to show larger format pictures seamlessly across a double page spread.

Photo Books can be bound using traditional book binding or layflat style

Cover to cover

With Snapfish, you can choose from hardcover and softcover photo book covers, where you upload a photo to print on the front and back of your album and you can add a personal title to your photo book spine, or more traditional hard backed leather or linen die cut covers that allow a tantalising glimpse of the stunning photos within your custom photo album.

Photo Books can be bound with full photo printed covers or plain leather or linen covers.

Lay it all out

Create a personalised photo book for every occasion – Snapfish has an option for all types of events. Explore our collection of wedding photo books and wedding guest book templates to get inspired by our wide variety of themes – from rustic to stylised, to modern designs of unparalleled quality. Preserve special family memories like the birth of a child or a milestone birthday with your baby and family themed books.

Make a travel photo book for your family trips and holidays, a Graduation Photo Book or School Year Book for all those primary, middle school and high school memories, or a year-in-review photo books to document your life journey. For your special events and memories, Snapfish has an exclusive collection of photo book themes that are beautifully crafted. Or, if you are looking for a photo book theme that is uniquely your own, you can create your photo book from scratch, choosing backgrounds, photo layouts, adding text, and resizing or rotating the elements to fit. You have complete control to create your perfect design!

Photo Books are perfect for any occasion from weddings, to new babies to summer holiday snaps.

Photo Books are available in the following sizes and can be made with any number of pages between 20 and 150 printed pages showcasing your photos.

6×4″ (A6)
8×6″ (A5)
11×8″ (A4)
15.5×11″ (A3)
8×11″ (A4)

Photo Books start from less than £10 and you can sign up to our regular promotional newsletter for the best photo book deals and discounts or visit our Deals Page for the most recent coupon code.

How do you make a photo book?

Choose the photobook format. When you create a Snapfish photobook, there are nine to choose from, in a range of different sizes and orientations:

Pocket A6 (6×4): Our smallest photo book format is perfect as a little memento of a short trip or birthday party. It’s our smallest Layflat format and is perfect for showcasing those panoramic vistas.
Small A5 (8×6) Landscape: Want to make a creative book but don’t have tonnes of time to spare? Our small 8×6 format is fully customisable and the perfect size for a personalised stocking filler. Our Layflat format is perfect for baby brag books or story books for children to practise reading with.
Standard 8×8 Square: Need to display both landscape and portrait photos in your book? Our square format gives you the versatility to do just that. Ideal for travel memory books, Instagram photo albums, and close-up baby & toddler photography.
A4 (8×11) Portrait: Want to get even more creative with your project? A large portrait book will give you plenty of room to creatively style and display your best photos. A great choice for yearbooks, cookbooks and creative portrait photography. Available with matt or glossy pages as well as Layflat option for maximum versatility.
A4 (11×8) Landscape: Our customers’ favourite choice – and it’s easy to see why. Our large landscape format is perfect for creating a personalised photobook that can be treasured, year after year. Choose this option for travel photography, wedding albums and to show off your very best landscape shots. Available with matt or glossy pages as well as Layflat option for maximum versatility. Choose leather or linen for that old-school look.
Large 12×12 Square: A coffee table staple. This is the ideal choice if you’re looking to create a professional custom photo book to really show off your work (and your best Instagram photos).
A3 (15.5×11) Landscape: Stunning landscape photos? Professional wildlife photography? Panoramic camera shots? If these are your thing, our A3 landscape format is the best way to bring your photos to life in stunning detail. Top tip: Choose glossy pages for stunning photo colour.

Photo Books come in an array of sizes from 6x4" to A3

Choose your paper type

Want to create a high quality custom photo book? The paper type you choose matters just as much as the size. Here’s how to choose the right one for your project:

Classic Semi Gloss Paper: A versatile option that works for just about any project. It’s also available for all sizes of Snapfish Photo Books.
Glossy Paper: A rich, glossy finish that will really bring out vibrant colours in your photos. It’s also sturdy and easily cleaned. Choose for colourful photography and books for children. Available on all book formats apart from A6.
Layflat Matt Paper: Available on all book formats apart from A3, lustre-silk finish is perfect for artistic books, professional portfolios and black and white photography.

Top tip: Not all paper types are available for all book sizes and formats. Compare our full photo book range to check which size books are available with your chosen paper.

Customise your photo book with glossy, satin or matt pages

Choose your custom photo book cover

Once you’ve picked your book format and your paper type, it’s time to start getting creative with covers. Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing your cover option:

Paper Cover: Staple-bound like a brochure, our A5 Paper Cover Photo Book option is fully customisable. A great choice for smaller projects and thoughtful gifts.
Soft Cover: Available on our smaller book formats, this lightweight, flexible option is fully customisable and durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Great for children’s picture books or books you’ll be carrying around to share with loved ones.
Standard Hard Cover: Our most popular cover type. A hardcover gives your project the look and feel of a real book. It’s fully customisable with your own images, text and other design elements – and the only cover type available with our elegant embossing. Available in all book sizes apart from A6.
Layflat Hard Cover: All the benefits of the standard hard cover. The seamless layflat binding allows you to print photos elegantly across two pages on extra-thick premium paper with a lustre-silk finish.
Faux Leather & Linen: The perfect choice for recapturing the look and feel of a traditional leather-bound photo album. This is an excellent option for wedding albums and yearbooks and available as A4 landscape.
Matt Hard Cover: This premium quality matt hard cover book is printed onto archival quality paper with a semi-gloss finish

Choose a theme and layout

The best photo book projects start with choosing a theme. You want your book to tell a story and think of each photo book you create as becoming an integral part in a series — what will your collection look like as it grows? This might help you to land on a theme that you can add to down the road, such as an annual What Dad Saw photo book for Father’s Day featuring his iPhone photos, or a Year In Review Photo Book series which is designed with your kids in mind, as a way of showcasing their childhood from their eyes.

Place your order and your custom digitally printed photo album will be delivered within days. Want to order a reprint? Your photobook projects are saved in your Snapfish Account so you can re-order your photo books whenever you want.

We use the latest printing technology and the the best paper and inks to make sure every photo book is exceptional. Our photo books are put together by people who are experts in photo printing and all our photo books are made here in the UK. We have created a team of photo experts at our lab in Devon, who are passionate about helping bring your photos to life in beautiful books and other photo gifts and cards.

Need more help and inspiration?

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